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Delivery & Pick up

1. Standard Delivery Service. We will normally deliver your Order within 3-5 working days after payment is received from you. Our carriers will do their best to give you advance notice of the delivery to your address on the day whenever practical.

2. Once you accept delivery you have accepted that all of the goods and associated items are delivered and are without defect and completely undamaged. If you wish to report any damage, then you must report the damage to us by email to the email address on your invoice no later than 5.00 pm on the day following delivery.

3. If you believe there is any defect or damage to any of the goods and associated items or any goods or items are missing then you must report that to the driver who will have a form available for you to make your report in writing.

4. If you pick up your goods from our store you will be required to inspect the goods at the store. You will be given 10 minutes to do that. If you believe the goods are damaged, you MUST advise us in writing before you take the goods away otherwise you have accepted that the goods are free of any defect and undamaged. Once again, we will have a form available for you to make your report in writing.

5. If you pick up the goods from our store then you must do so in one visit, or any goods and associated items not delivered remain on our premises at your risk.

6. All goods and associated items must be picked up within 5 working days of purchase or there will then be a storage fee payable of $10.00 per day and you must give us 48 hours’ notice of the day and time you then wish to pick up the goods.

7. Please note that standard deliveries exclude special delivery services of:

•Express deliveries (within 3 working days);

•After hours delivery;

•Unpacking and assembly;

•Box/Pallet removal;


•Placement within your home;

•More than 10 minutes on site;

8. Delivery times may depend on the size of your order and the destination of delivery.