1.          The Consumer Guarantees Act gives you certain guarantees in relation to the goods you purchase from us. It also specifies your rights and remedies if our goods fail to meet one or more of these guarantees. We will always comply with all requirements of the Consumer Guarantees Act.

2.            We offer the following warranties on the items listed below (but subject to warranty exclusions).  We will repair, replace or refund the item depending on how serious the fault is.  The warranty only covers damage to the item and does not cover other loss or costs.

3.            The length of our warranties are as follows:

(a)       Shower glass and aluminium – five year warranty from the date of purchase.

(b)       Shower tray, liner and moving parts such as seals, rollers, handles, etc – one year warranty from the date of purchase.

(c)       Vanities and cabinets – five year warranty from date of purchase.

(d)       Vanity soft close hinges and drawers – two year warranty from the date of purchase.

(e)       Toilet bowls – five year warranty from the date of purchase.

(f)         Toilet cistern parts and toilet seats – one year warranty from the date of purchase.

(g)       All accessories for our items – one year warranty from the date of purchase.

(h)       Wastes, bottle traps and angle valves – one year warranty from the date of purchase.

(i)          Tapware and shower heads surfaces – five year warranty from the date of purchase.

(j)          Flexible hoses and ceramic cartridges – one year warranty from the date of purchase.

(k)        Ceramic basins – two year warranty from the date of purchase.

(l)          Acrylic bath – five year warranty from the date of purchase.

(m)      LED light mirror – two year warranty from the date of purchase.

(n)       Heated towel rail surfaces – five year warranty from the date of purchase.

(o)       Heated towel rail accessories including electrical items – one year warranty from the date of purchase.

4.            In addition to our warranties in the preceding paragraph some of our items and manufacture ranges come with an extended manufacturer/parts warranty.

5.            Warranties exclude:

·         Normal wear and tear;

·         Misuse of a product and/or use for which it was not designed;

·         Neglect, deliberate damage, failure to care for or maintain the product in an acceptable manner;

·         Unauthorised repairs or modifications;

·         Minor issues which do not affect performance or decorative value;

·         Damage caused after removal and reinstallation, for example when moving house or moving the product within your house;

·       Commercial/industrial property installation, rental property and item rental use.

6.            Repairs and repairers must be authorised by Crown Bathrooms otherwise the costs you incur may not be covered in full by the warranty;

7.            Installation and workmanship not carried out by personnel authorised by us is excluded from this warranty. You should make sure that you obtain a full written warranty from your tradesperson for all materials and workmanship completed and keep a copy of all correspondence from them.  All items should always be installed by a qualified experienced tradesperson;

8.            Installation must comply with industry standards and normal practices including pre-installation inspection and check and post-installation testing of all functions of the particular item. If you do not do this this can sometimes limit your claim under our warranty;

9.            Where items should be installed by a registered tradesperson then you should ensure that the tradesperson doing the installation for you is fully registered and has all current certifications;

10.         The cost of installation and any losses or costs arising from faulty installation are not covered by this warranty;

11.         Our warranty does not cover replacement of products where damage is caused by normal wear and tear, the water pressure is outside the recommended levels or where the hot water temperature exceeds 55 degrees centigrade;

12.         Our warranty does not cover any vanity or top that has been tiled into a wall ie fitting or fixing of vanity to a wall and tiling into the side and around it and/or tiling down and/or around the vanity top, nor does our warranty cover an MDF vanity unit that is installed adjacent to a bath.  Vanity cabinets and tops must be fitted to finished wall coverings;

13.         If we send any tradesmen to your property at your request to rectify any warranty issue and the tradesperson advises us that the issue is not covered by this warranty, then a service or call out fee will be charged to you.


1.         Standard Delivery Service.   We will normally deliver your Order within 3-5 working days after payment is received from you.  Our carriers will do their best to give you advance notice of the delivery to your address on the day whenever practical.

2.         Once you accept delivery you have accepted that all of the goods and associated items are delivered and are without defect and completely undamaged.  If you wish to report any damage then you must report the damage to us by email to the email address on your invoice no later than 5.00 pm on the day following delivery.

3.         If you believe there is any defect or damage to any of the goods and associated items or any goods or items are missing then you must report that to the driver who will have a form available for you to make your report in writing.

4.         If you pick up your goods from our store you will be required to inspect the goods at the store. You will be given 10 minutes to do that.  If you believe the goods are damaged you MUST advise us in writing before you take the goods away otherwise you have accepted that the goods are free of any defect and undamaged.  Once again, we will have a form available for you to make your report in writing.

5.         If you pick up the goods from our store then you must do so in one visit or any goods and associated items not delivered remain on our premises at your risk.

6.         All goods and associated items must be picked up within 5 working days of purchase or there will then be a storage fee payable of $10.00 per day and you must give us 48 hours’ notice of the day and time you then wish to pick up the goods.

7.         Please note that standard deliveries exclude special delivery services of:

·         Express deliveries (within 3 working days);

·         After hours delivery;

·         Unpacking and assembly;

·         Box/Pallet removal;

·         Installation;

·         Placement within your home;

·         More than 10 minutes on site;

8.         Delivery times may depend on the size of your order and the destination of delivery.

                                                            EXCHANGE AND RETURNS 

We are proud of our products and work hard to provide you with affordable quality products.  If you wish to exchange or return any of our products that you have purchased, then you may do so upon the terms and conditions outlined below.


1.            If you wish to exchange one or more or our products then you must contact us within 14 days from the date of purchase with proof of purchase.

2.            If you exchange the goods for goods of a lesser value there will be no refund to you.

3.            If you exchange the goods for goods of a greater value then you must pay the difference.

4.            The goods must not have been used, installed or altered in any way.

5.            The goods must be in their original packaging.

6.            Our exchange policy does not apply to any goods purchased as a sale item, or to the purchase of any display item.

7.            You cannot exchange goods which have been procured or made to your specific requirements.

8.            You must pay all delivery charges for the return of the goods and the delivery of the replacement goods to you.


9.            All of our conditions applying to exchange of goods as outlined above apply to the return of goods as outlined in paragraphs 1 to 8 above.

10.         In addition, there is a re-stocking fee equal to 30% of the price at which you purchased the goods.

11.         Alternatively, you can leave the full cost of the goods with us to use as an in-store credit for a period of six months from the date of purchase if you wish to purchase other goods from us.  However, if you take up that option but do not actually purchase any replacement goods within six months from the date of original purchase, then the re-stocking fees increases to 40% of the price of the original goods.